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This Is The Data Science Bootcamp That Guarantees A Data Science Job Or A 100% Tuition Refund
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Springboard launches data science bootcamp with a job guarantee – Springboard is launching its Data Science Career Track — the first online data science bootcamp that offers a job guarantee to its graduates. The company tracked 50 of its graduates and saw that all 50 got a job within six

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How To Become A Data Scientist In 12 Weeks With Metis
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We caught up with Jason Moss (Co-founder of Metis) and John Harnisher (VP of Data, Analytics and Insight at Kaplan) to discuss the new Data Science course at Metis. Metis offers comprehensive courses in digital practices, designed to teach the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly digital world. The new

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Dealing With The Lack Of Data Scientists

To deal with the shortage of data scientists, a new “hacker bootcamp” is being offered for data scientists in New York this summer. “The Data Incubator” will run for six weeks during the summer; it is designed to bring together the brightest engineers and scientists and move them into data

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