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Understanding Cloud Banking Dynamic May Help Businesses Seeking To Scale Take Advantage Of Significant Funding Possibilities.

Understanding the cloud banking dynamic may help businesses seeking to scale take advantage of significant funding possibilities. The ways that banking, finance, and technology converge at London Tech Week provide a wealth of information about the U.K.’s economic environment. Cloud banking is the future of FinTech Data show that U.K.

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The Layman'S Guide To Banking As A Service
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Banking as a Service (BaaS) is the democratisation of financial capabilities that have fiercely been protected, isolated and hidden in silos for hundreds of years by banks. The fact that BaaS opens up banks’ capabilities and essentially empowers anyone to be able to create their own financial products, goes against

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The Impact Of Big Data On Banking And Financial Systems
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Today, most banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) organizations are working hard to adopt a fully data-driven approach to grow their businesses and enhance the services they provide to customers. Like most other industries, analytics will be a critical game changer for those in the financial sector. Though many BFSI

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&Quot;From My Point Of View, Fintech Won'T Exist As A Stand Alone Industry...&Quot; - Interview With Solarisbanks' Peter Grosskopff

As CTO, Peter leads the tech team of solarisBank. He’s the former CTO of HitFox Group and software engineering company Zweitag. Peter is experienced in building tech-heavy startups and fintechs.   Tell us about the mission of SolarisBank  and why you chose Berlin as your headquarters? We’re offering a horizontally-integrated

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&Quot;We Believe That Personalization Is The Key Word For Fintech This Year&Quot;-Interview With Meniga'S Georg Ludviksson

Serial entrepreneur Georg Ludviksson co-founded Meniga in 2009in the wake of the global financial crisis in Iceland. Georg has spent 20 years founding, building and managing global software start-ups. Georg holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School with emphasis on Entrepreneurship and Finance. He also holds a BS degree

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Successful Innovation In Fintech: Start­ups Pinpoint What Consumers Want And Need

Every five minutes a new FinTech start­up materializes, connecting us to better mortgages, showing us how to invest, or explaining what to do with our Bitcoins. It begs the question: what makes a FinTech Start­up memorable, and garner widespread success? Usefulness. If FinTech is going to replace traditional financial services,

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Like Bees To Honey: Millenials And The Future Of Fintech

Millenials: Often perceived as entitled, high maintenance, and poor. Virtually no one wants to be termed a “Millenial,” because the words that follow are generally negative. However, once the facade is peeled away, there are a host of other traits that Millenials carry—good ones. They’re famous for giving back to

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&Quot;New Services Will Put Us In The Driver’s Seat.&Quot; – Lars Markull Of Figo Talks Fintech And The Future

Lars Markull is all about FinTech. Currently working in business development for German banking API figo, he’s both a catalyst and an observer of the financial sector’s digitization. We caught up with Markull to discuss the FinTech community, a digital future, and the figo API. What is your background, and

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Fintech Is Disrupting Financial Services. But What Happens Next?

Traditional, centralized banks may be miserable at keeping power in check and satisfying customers, but they do have a convenient side. Banks are one-stop shops for accounts, loans, transfers, investments, and other consumer products. While FinTech companies are finally giving each area of banking crucial attention and updated technology, they’re

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Kreditech Acquires Polish Financial Data Analytics Firm To Boost Revenue &Amp; Enhance Services
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Kreditech, the consumer finance technology group, announced yesterday the 100% acquisition of Polish financial tech outfit Kontomierz for a seven digit amount and Kreditech shares. Founded in 2009, Kontomierz has net revenues of €1 million at positive EBIT, and three-digit annual growth. This is especially impressive considering Kontomierz’s staff is only 16-strong;

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