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Ayadsi Grab $55M To Make Sense Of Complex Datasets
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Ayasdi, the provider of Machine Intelligence Software that automates and accelerates insight discovery announced a fresh funding amounting to $55M in a Series C round along with a bookings growth percentage of over 400% for fiscal year ended Jan 30th, 2015. “Our mission is to make complex data useful for

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10 Predictive Analytics Influencers You Need To Know
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Predictive analytics is the sweet spot where machine learning meets the enterprise. Analytics & predictive algorithms fused together mean we can now gains insight into how future patterns and trends may develop. This type of technology has ramifications across industries, but many are left clueless about the development and applications

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10 Big Data Stories You Shouldn’t Miss This Week
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TOP DATACONOMY ARTICLES 8 Trends In Big Data For 2015 “As a Big Data recruiter, the speed of change in the industry never ceases to amaze me. I can’t fail to get up in the morning and wonder what the next year (or day) might bring in this ever changing

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The Past, Present &Amp; Future Of Advanced Analytics
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Martin Hack co-founded Skytree in 2010 and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 2014 when he took on his current role as Chief Product Officer. He is responsible for all aspects of Skytree’s technology, product strategy and direct engagement with customers. Martin has 20+ years of experience creating game

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Centurylink Acquires Cognilytics To Fuel Advanced Analytics Capabilities
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CenturyLink, Inc. a U.S. based communications MNC has acquired a Big Data and advanced analytics solutions provider, Cognilytics, it announced late last week. Cognilytics provides solutions to mid-sized and large enterprises by assisting them in converting “data to decisions” through Big Data deployment, management, advanced decision sciences, predictive analytics and

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The Data-Driven Future Of Advertising
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Gone are the days where advertising and sales were the sole remit of creative-thinking Mad Men types, who wildly conjectured who a product’s target audience might be, and constructed campaigns which may appeal to them. Today, advertising is a much more precise, data-driven field. Of course, creativity has a role

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Alpine Data Labs Continue Mission To Bring Advanced Analytics To The Masses With Alpine Chorus 5.0
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Alpine Data Labs have unvieled Alpine Chorus 5.0, an enterprise-class advanced analytics platform which aims to unify data access, management and monitoring on one platform. One of the major advancements between Chorus 4.0 and Chorus 5.0 is that Alpine now offers data managements across all the major Hadoop distributions. Alpine’s

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