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Data Monitoring Tools
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These days, branding is a highly calibrated art form. It used to be that there was a lot of guesswork. Thanks to data monitoring tools, and the many competent professionals trained to use them, those days are a thing of the past.  Data monitoring tools work by helping compile and

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The Future Of Healthcare Data Security
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The healthcare industry, like many sectors, is undergoing a substantial data-driven transformation. New technologies like telehealth platforms and the internet of things (IoT) generate more granular medical data and make it more accessible. While this has many benefits, it also raises considerable healthcare data security concerns. There were 714 healthcare

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Database Paradigm Shift
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The amount of data we create is increasing by the hour, which has resulted in organizations struggling to deal with data accumulation and analysis. Things can get chaotic pretty quickly with IoT devices, applications, manual entry, and many other sources constantly generating data with different or no structures. Anyone who

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Where Do Data Silos Come From, And Why Are They A Problem?
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Times are changing. We are breaking new thresholds in managing data. But getting rid of old habits is easier said than done. Data silos, an institutional phenomenon, are still mushrooming in today’s increasingly connected and shared world focused on accessibility. Top companies are now busy breaking down data silos to

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Low-Code Platforms And Ai
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Low-code is the latest hype and everyone seems eager to jump on the bandwagon after the promising numbers presented by Gartner and Forrester. Low-code is presented as this end-all, be-all in the development world, bringing along these clickbait titles such as “The era of coding is ending”. This always makes me chuckle a

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Metaverse And How Defi, Crypto, And Blockchain Will Transform It
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As a concept, the metaverse had long existed before Facebook’s announcement that it was renaming itself to Meta came along. While most consumers would shrug it off as just another large-scale virtual reality gimmick that’s destined to fail (as it always has), major players are spurring it on.  Monster Energy

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Enterprise Data Sovereignty
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Data sovereignty is becoming a hot topic, but almost all articles on the subject and the bulk of the proposed solutions focus on consumers and their ability to own their data. Enterprise data sovereignty is a different beast, but it operates on the same principle – making data “free.” By free, we

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Synesis One Ai Blockchain
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At its core, Synesis One aims to democratize the field of AI. We’re on a mission to make AI (and the data required to fuel AI) a public utility owned by the community. It’s effortless. We reward those who contribute data to the ecosystem and record the data on the

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Ai And Data Analytics Covid-19
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics are rapidly growing trends in the tech world. With increasing potential for innovation, it is paramount that we stay up to date with all the latest developments in this field. According to MarketsandMarkets, the worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) market will increase from USD 58.3 billion

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Deepdub Dubbing Ai
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Dubbing, where recordings in other languages are lip-synced and mixed with a show’s original soundtrack, is an exploding business. One localization platform, Zoo Digital, saw revenues jump by 73% to $28.6 million in July 2018 compared to the year prior. Another, BTI Studios, told Television Business International that dubbing grew from 3%

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