Big Data Blogs

There are several big data blogs on the internet. These are our Top Big Data Blogs structured by topic :

Big Data Influencers :

1. Alex Sandy Pentland : One of the ‘seven most powerful data scientists in the world (Forbes, 2012).  Also among the most-cited computational scientists in the world and a pioneer in computational social science.

2. Hilary Mason Blog :  Blog by Hilary Mason @hmason a Data Scientist in Residence at Accel, Scientist Emeritus atbitly, co-founder of HackNY, co-host of DataGotham, and member of NYCResistor.

3. Revolution Analytics : Blog by David Smith  @revodavid  on using open source R for big data analysis, predictive modelling, data science and more.

4. Solve for Interesting : Blog by Alistair Croll @acrollAlistair works on a variety of topics, from web performance, to big data, to cloud computing, to startups.

5. Blog on Big Data and Analytics : Blog by Harish Kotadia @HKotadia.  Harisk is an Industry recognized thought leader on Big Data and Analytics. Rated by SAP as one of the global top 50 Big Data Influencers.

6. Stefan Groschupf’s Blog : CEO of Datameer, one of the most recognised Big Data startups. Has interesting video series where he interviews other influencers

7. The Mainstream Seer : Venkatesh (Venky) Rao, the Predictive Analytics Segment Leader at IBM for North America. Tries to make Predictive Analytics less of a black hole for the general public.

Big Data startup blogs :

1. Sqreamtech Blog : SQream Technologies provides you with a state of the art software which combines modern GPU technology (Graphic Processing Units) with the best practices in today’s Big Data platforms, providing up to 100x faster insights from data.

2. Science Rockstars : Science Rockstars combines interpreting data by intelligent algorithms with (our own) behavioral research to make powerful cloud technology.

3. blue yonder : Blue Yonder, a company that uses algorithms developed for processing the data created as part of the CERN project for predictive modelling, regularly posts updates on its work and developments in Germany’s  Big Data ecosphere.

Big Data Academia :

1. Big Data Econometrics : Academia focused – Big Data Econometrics tries to collate all the relevant developments regarding the overlap between data analytics and econometrics.

2. Big Data University :  Blog by Hadoop, Big Data and information management enthusiasts who love to learn, contribute, and network with others with similar interests.

3 . Big Data Startups  :  Run by a consultant on the topic, key insights are illustrated through beautiful infographics and give digestible and actionable tips

4. Big Data Partnership : Training Academy with a Blog

5. Guru99 : Big Data tutorials starting from the basics.

Big Data News  :

1.  BigDataNews  : Data Science community channel dedicated to all news related to Big Data.

2.  Smart Data Collective : Smart data collective aims to be the central source of news on Big Data. As such, it allows guest blogging by various experts in the field.

3. About DM : Features daily blog and information on data mining techniques, business applications, news and events.

4. The Guardian: Maybe not your typical source of big data news but certainly one worth looking out for.

Big Data Mining and Analytics :

1. About DM : Features daily blog and information on data mining techniques, business applications, news and events.

2. Predictive Analytics : Blog about Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing, Data Mining and PMML.

3. Making Data Meaningful : Blog authored by the employees of LÛCRUM, Inc., and some of the best contributors in the business intelligence and data analytics field.

4. Deep Data Mining :  Blog  mostly focused on the technical aspect of data mining.

Big Data Trends :

1. Gigacom Big Data :  Big Data Section of Gigacom

2. Venture Beat : Big Data Section of Venture Beat

3. Big : Latest trends in Business Intelligence and Data Management.

Big Data Industry   :

1.  Cloudera : company providing software and analysis support for Hadoop. One of the foremost experts on everything Hadoop-related and thus a valuable resource

2. IBM : guest blogging hub collating various other blogger’s insights into big data. Less tech-focused and more applied than e.g. Cloudera

3.  EMC Big Data Blog :authored by Mona Patel, Senior Manager of EMC Big Data Marketing. Mona Patel has worked as a Data Analyst previously and is now growing her career at EMC, a leader in Big Data

4. Hortonworks: Hortonworks is a Big Data startup focused on providing its own isolated Hadoop environment. Since creators of hadoop are on board blog can provide deep insight.

5. Palantir: Blog releasing lots of visualisations of data insight. Palantir is a startup aiming at extracting security insight from big data.