At its core, Synesis One aims to democratize the field of AI. We’re on a mission to make AI (and the data required to fuel AI) a public utility owned by the community. It’s effortless. We reward those who contribute data to the ecosystem and record the data on the blockchain, making the ecosystem an immutable public utility that any independent developer or company can access at a low cost. 

Together with the team at Mind AI, we built a prototype to test whether adding ontologies through our data yield farming logic to enhance datasets could be used by an AI company (e.g., Mind AI) to perform adaptive learning on the spot. 

The result? It works! We’ve succeeded in developing the backend mechanism that allows Synesians to contribute to an AI system that services real-world clients directly. Rather than writing more about it. Here’s a video. 

Now, if you’re unsure about what you just saw, here’s the TL;DW (too long, didn’t watch) summary. Mind AI, the AI reasoning engine, required new ontologies (data) to respond to a customer service chat conversation. It sent a data request to Synesis One. The architect, builder, and validator received the request, created the prompt, built the data, and validated the data. The validated data was then sent to Mind AI, and the AI engine was able to use the new data without any adjustments to answer the customer in real-time.

This is a game-changer. Let’s explore why.

We just proved the technical feasibility of our concept

Until now, the whole concept of facilitating AI data requests and crowdsourcing data that an already commercialized AI system can use in real-time seemed like just a cool idea that would take years to build. Well, here it is.

There’s finally an attractive, low-cost option for AI companies worldwide

Typically, it requires a team of employees at a company to contribute weeks or even months of effort to prepare the AI systems to perform relatively simple Q&A interactions with end-users through a chatbot. This is extremely expensive and inefficient. The feasibility of crowdsourcing ontologies makes Synesis One a perfect choice for companies looking for efficient systems that are also low cost. 

We put our money where our mouth is and built a pretty damn cool MVP product.

As we’ve stated repeatedly in our message to our investors, partners, and community members, we’re in it for the long run, and our main focus is executing on building a revolutionary product that works. This is proof that we’re not just throwing around the term “AI” as a buzzword without substance. This is proof that we’re not “just another play-to-earn game company.” This is proof that we figured out how to make this work. Of course, it’s just an alpha version, and there’s still a long way to go, but we’ve made good progress. 

We’ll write about the gamification aspect of our ecosystem in future posts, but just a note that our gamification team is hard at work designing and creating games that will plug into the Data Yield Farming API, to make the experience both fun and remunerative. 

Now that we’ve shown you guys the MVP of the data yield farming application, please give us your feedback to improve and iterate. We plan on getting you, Synesians, involved in testing and development soon. So spread the word and get involved! We’re in this together.

To get involved with beta-testing or be up to date on all things Synesis One, please join our Discord.

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