Go to datanatives.io and get instant access to speaker and ticket discount information on Data Natives Berlin 2016.

The second edition of Data Natives is coming soon, and it will focus on the intersection of key trends in the Data Science realm, to make sure you’re in the loop and ahead of the curve.

We celebrate key areas of technology that are driving innovation and the next wave of billion dollar startups. We’ll introduce popular streams related to technological advancements in AI, Machine Learning, IoT and trends revolving around booming industries such as FinTech, HealthTech, AdTech and RealTech.

At Data Natives, individual consumers and multi-billion dollar industries alike have a tremendous opportunity to learn and network with leading scientists, founders, analysts, investors and economists.

Conference tickets are still available until October 1st – Don’t miss your chance to attend Berlin’s best big data conference before prices go up! In case you’re still not completely convinced, we came up with the top 5 reasons why you should attend, based on our conversations with some of last year’s attendees.

Building a strong professional network

Networking is a necessary ability in every professional field, and conferences are perfect playgrounds to put your people skills to work. Over coffee breaks, lunch, cocktails, or even during the time in between sessions, you will have the chance to make connections with truly talented individuals, and even interesting prospects for your organization. Who knows, maybe you’ll sit next to a potential customer at a talk, or meet your mentor at a workshop.

Attending conferences is also a great way to be at the forefront of innovation in your industry. There’s nothing like sitting in a room full of like-minded people, full of energy and looking to meet others who share their passion. At Data Natives, you’ll get to mingle with your peers from all over the world, and also meet experts and influencers face to face, who will surely leave you profoundly inspired.

Pierre Martinow is part of what we call the ‘early adopters’ of Data Natives. Now a Data Science Business consultant at DataRobot, he attended Data Natives Berlin 2015 while working as a consultant with Think Big. I caught up with him directly after the conference, to talk about how they benefitted from coming down to Berlin, and how the larger Data Natives European network helped them find interesting candidates for data engineering and project management positions.

When I asked if he could summarize his experience at Data Natives 2015, his emphasis was on how Think Big was able to benefit from brand exposure:

“In terms of brand awareness the event was very successful. It was a truly great opportunity to reach out to people interested and employed within the Big Data industry. We had countless one-on-one conversations with people who were interested in what we do. It was fantastic, since, at the time, no one knew who we were. We were nonetheless able to get our foot in the door in many new recruiting and PR opportunities just be being at the conference and talking to people.”

This was a definite a success, seeing that Pierre and Think Big attended Data Natives with more of an open mind, rather than an action plan – “We didn’t define any recruitment targets before we started sponsoring the conference. But, even if we would’ve had specific expectations, I’m sure they would’ve been surpassed.”

Data Natives are International

The more I talked to Pierre, the more I realized that one of the fundamental powers of the conference lies on our vast network of over 32,000 data enthusiasts. Think Big was “ looking to expand and interested in finding senior project managers and data engineers”, Pierre explained. At Data Natives, “the applications and interest we received came mostly from the mid-level of the career spectrum”. Back in London – one of Think Big’s two European locations – they were able to double down on their recruitment efforts, by tapping into our Data Lovers, London community of over 2,000: “We became quite active in your London meet-ups and were able to find very good data scientists from that community, eventually finding the some great fits for our ‘Most Wanted’ list.”

Pierre’s and Think Big’s story is only one of many Data Natives success stories – stay tuned for the next reason why you can’t miss Data Natives 2016: our bad ass program.

Go to datanatives.io and get instant access to speaker and ticket discount information on Data Natives Berlin 2016

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