How many hours do you think the world spends watching TV per day? Well, it’s a lot, we are sure of that, especially given the popular growth of Netflix! According to eMarketer, in 2015, American adults spent a daily average of 5.5 hours with video content. In addition, a recent 2016 Childwise Monitor Report explained in a BBC article found that young people spend 60% of their time watching TV via a phone, tablet or laptop and 38% do most of their TV viewing on demand.

However, we all watch TV in a different way. Business Insider captured this beautifully with 21 interesting and unique photos of how people watch TV around the world. In 1996, the United Nations proclaimed November 21st World Television Day to recognize the “increasing impact television has on decision-making….” Nonetheless, televisions and the platform it offers to broadcast different content play a very important role in our lives whether it be from a social, pop culture or informative perspective.

And for all data enthusiasts, why not spend some of the time you watch videos or TV on some Data Science related shows. This is where Analytics Vidhya keeps us informed with the infographic below showcasing the best Data Science and Artificial Intelligence shows to watch.

So grab your remote control or open up your Netflix and have a look.


This inforgraphic first appeared on Analytics Vidhya

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