The 2015 International CES provided a peek into the future of technology, with industry titans showcasing their ideas of what is to come. Samsung was no exception. Chief BK Yoon pledged over $100m in funding to bring about an Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, pouring resources for developers to facilitate the creation of a supportive open system.

“I’ve heard people say they want to create a single operating system for IoT, but these people only work with their own devices. We can deliver the benefits of IoT only if all sensors can talk to each other,” explained Yoon in his opening keynote for CES.

“I’m making a promise that our IoT devices and products will be open. We will ensure that others can easily connect to our devices,” he added, reports The Guardian.

Yoon, and by association Samsung, believes that “The IoT is not a pipe dream any more, it’s ready to go,” with the advent of ready to connect consumer devices. What remains wanting is an interoperable standard; an OS that connects all devices. “The opportunities and benefits of IoT are huge, but so are the challenges,” Yoon remarked.

“IoT is about delivering experiences that change our lives for the better, and it’s developers that come up with the ideas that change our lives. Samsung is committed to supporting them, and will invest more than $100m into developer community through funding for startups and our incubators, which we are taking global.”

However, amidst all the optimism surrounding the IoT, Yoon also advised caution for new devices, saying that the IoT must be made secure, with security integrated “into hardware and software at every level.”

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(Image credit: Samsung Tomorrow)

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