Platform9, the private cloud service startup, has today announced the general availability of Platform9 Managed OpenStack, a SaaS solution that promises to transform an organization’s existing servers into an Amazon like “agile”, self-service private cloud in a matter of minutes.

Sirish Raghuram, the co-founder and CEO of Platform9 said: “Today, Platform9 is disrupting the complexity barrier to private clouds with Platform9 Managed OpenStack — its SaaS simplicity, production readiness, and seamless integration with existing environments enable every organization to manage their in-house infrastructure with greater agility and efficiency.”

Prior to the release, Platform9’s product was in beta and tested by enterprises and service providers across diverse industries and geographies for six months, “with 1000s of virtual machine deployments everyday,” reports the outfit’s news release.

Essentially it lets organizations small or large harness latest open source innovations while helping them run private clouds efficiently and at scale.

Key features that Platform9 points out are:

  • Ease of use. Customers can sign up and use Platform9 Managed OpenStack and get a 100% OpenStack API compatible, production ready configuration.
  • Leverages existing environments as it fully supports greenfield and brownfield environments
  • Single pane of glass. Because of its SaaS delivery model, Platform9 Managed OpenStack works seamlessly across multiple geographies, enabling customers to save costs by consolidating their distributed infrastructure into a single private cloud.
  • Production ready for the enterprise. Platform9 Managed OpenStack delivers OpenStack’s distributed services in a fully tuned and tested configuration, thus being ready for the most demanding enterprise workloads.
  • Service SLA + Built-in monitoring. Unlike public clouds that offer Service SLAs, Enterprise IT is responsible for their private cloud SLA.
  • Seamless updates. Seamless, non-disruptive updates are built into Platform9 Managed OpenStack. The service receives minor fixes and updates periodically, but like other SaaS services, this is transparent to customers.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack is available as a Lite, free tier for trial and learning purposes with limited scale, for Business tier with unlimited scale, priced at $49 per CPU per month where annual subscription is required and the Enterprise tier for advanced features and premium support.

(Image credit: Platform9)


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