MapR, one of the front-runners of Apache Hadoop Technology for Big Data Deployments, has revealed intentions of going public by late 2015.

‘We feel like we’re still on track for something late in 2015. We’re having a fantastic [fourth] quarter. Enterprise software tends to be very backend-loaded, meaning that we do about 80% of our bookings in the third month of a three-month quarter,” explained founder and CEO, John Schroeder in an interview to the Fortune.

‘[During the fourth quarter], we came into December with over 70% done. So, things are going well. On the preparation side, we brought in a public company-quality CFO almost exactly a year ago,’ he further added.

This reveal comes roughly a month after competitor Hortonworks filed for a mid-December IPO and has managed a market cap on the better side of a billion USD.

With over 700 customers, that includes the likes of Samsung and Cisco, Schroeder can see things are looking up. The Hadoop framework, as it matures requires innovation for a drive forward, and the company believes that the market is realising MapR potential.

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(Image credit: MapR)

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