Confronting the need for growing customer demand for Hadoop-based solutions, Apache Hadoop-based software and support provider to the enterprise, Cloudera, has opened new offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, China, meanwhile also enhancing outreach in China and Asia.

“With a strong economy, successful enterprises and local developers, China is a place for great products and services powered by Big Data technologies like Cloudera,” notes George Ling, the newly appointed general manager of Cloudera China.

“We are making a big investment in a big opportunity,” said Tom Reilly, chief executive officer, Cloudera. “Our new presence gives us an opportunity to innovate locally, to better collaborate with our enterprise customers and to show strong support for our local China partners. With the interest in open source software and big data being so strong, we expect fast growth and adoption in China.”

Harnessing local talent in R&D, design, development, release and maintenance of Cloudera’s industry-leading products and services, the company will provide local customers with access to high-quality technology to build their own enterprise data hubs explains their news release.

With presence in Japan, the Palo Alto based outfit’s new offices will  provide research and development support, customer support, professional services, IT, sales and marketing and partner alliances, among other things.

Cloudera now ranks among few American tech firms that have presence in China as companies globally attempt to leverage the large amount of data collected from the country’s 1.3 billion consumers, points out USAChina daily.

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(Image credit: Cloudera)

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