Leader in mobile health and safety solutions for active ageing- GreatCall has partnered with AI company Automated Insights to keep caregivers informed about their loved ones with an app called The GreatCall Link.

The app provides a personalized narrative summary of their whereabouts over a week. Family and friends can now rest assured as the app provides critical information in urgent situations and snapshots of daily lives. The Link app can send a notification when the connected device is used to call for help; show that the device is on or off and current power level; locate the device on a map.

GreatCall products are equipped with patented GPS technology. The Link app uses this technology to pull location information a few times per hour. Real-time location information is only provided upon app user’s request, within the app. Location accuracy improves with use, over time.

“Caregivers have told us they wish they had someone who could be there when they can’t,” said Krijn van der Raadt, vice president IT & Software Development, GreatCall. “This is why Link was created. And with the weekly narratives developed by Automated Insights, checking on a loved one is as simple as reading an email from a family friend.”

The Link provides critical updates about battery status, location and movement apart from providing a weekly narrative of routine activities, pointing out anomalies. Caregivers can monitor if appointments are being kept or if there is a change in routines. Link can send push notifications for selected actions, including when a call is made to 5Star Emergency Services.

Wordsmith, the natural language generation platform from Automated Insights, uses Link data to automatically write a weekly overview with personalized insights. The software writes in plain English, producing narratives like these:

Mary Clare actively used her 5Star for three days last week and could reach an operator if needed during that time. However, she didn’t actively use her device for four full days. She may need a reminder that it is important to carry her device at all times, guaranteeing that support is available when needed.

Automated Insights CEO Robbie Allen said he’s pleased to take on a health and safety mission. “We’re proud that Wordsmith will help GreatCall customers live more actively and independently,” he said.

Raadt stated that the narratives add a personal element, building a feeling of confidence that comes from having all the necessary information. He believes that this will help build on real human connections.

(Image credit: GreatCall)


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