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Artificial Intelligence In Sports
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Artificial Intelligence in sports makes its presence felt in every corner of the world, from post-game analysis to in-game action to fan experience. If you watched the movie Moneyball, you must be in your element about how data-driven performance optimization in sports works and changes the games we dearly love

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What Nanomachines Promise For The Humanity
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Nanomachines, also known as molecular machines or nanites, are molecular robots not larger than a strand of human hair. They can be programmed to carry out tasks in biological systems. Biologists frequently use these molecular machines to perform DNA replication and ATP synthesis tasks. Nanorobotics is one of the most

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Pushing Boundaries With Machine Learning
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Machine learning (ML) is how a system learns and adapts its processes from the patterns found in large amounts of data. When we think of machine learning, some prominent examples come to mind. For instance, the way product recommendations on Amazon are eerily similar to Google searches you’ve done. The

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Artificial Intelligence And Fitness
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This article was originally published on Neoteric and is reproduced with permission. Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized our lives in so many ways, and that includes the area of fitness, exercise, and physical wellbeing. Technologies previously available to sports teams, gyms, and personal trainers are now available on smartphones. AI even

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Open-Sourcing The Human Body With The &Quot;Open Humans&Quot; Platform
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Researchers from Harvard, NYU and the University of California San Diego have come together to set up the “Open Humans Network,” in an effort to let individuals share their personal health data to accelerate medical breakthroughs. Funding for the initiative comes from John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and

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5 Amazing Companies That Really Get Big Data
Big Data

Here’s the second part of my roundup of companies that will be making waves in the big data world this year. Whereas in part one I focused on the giants of the industry, which have been around since the start, in this post I look at the newer names which

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Google &Amp; Stanford Say Big Data &Amp; Deep Learning Are The Future Of Drug Discovery
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Pande Lab at Stanford University in collaboration with Google released a paper earlier this week that focuses on how neural networks and deep learning technology could be crucial in improving the accuracy of determining which chemical compounds would be effective drug treatments for a variety of diseases. A Google Research

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Big Data Could Revolutionize Healthcare. Will We Let It?

We’re a pretty suspicious lot here in the UK. Britain has the potential to be the world leader in Healthcare Big Data. We have (more or less) centralized NHS records dating back to the 1940s, and we have normalized personal data for each patient, which is far less fragmented than

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Eve Stumbles Upon A Possible Cure For Malaria. Eve Is A Robot Scientist.
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A laboratory automation system that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in order to glean and understand scientific data constant experimentation is called a Robot Scientist. Eve is such a Robot Scientist and if certain U.K. researchers have it right, then Eve might have stumbled upon a possible fighting chance against

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Some Things Aren'T Meant To Go Viral
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The struggle in West Africa and worldwide to contain Ebola has led to numerous calls from doctors to aid organisations for better use of technology to curb the spread of the virus – whether it is the development of new ways to test for the disease, early-warning systems or methods

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