The raft of expectations and requirements of new big data tech coming to market continues to grow and grow. They’ve got to be fast. They’ve got to be scalable. They’ve got to handle key business metrics, such as growth, retention and churn. Increasingly, they’ve also got to be easy-to-use and intuitive, so they can slot into the workflows of every employee, and not just leave insights in the hands of data scientists. One solution which meets all these needs- and launched into public beta today- is Interana.

Interana is an event-based analytics solution which stores billions of sequences of events, and can deliver answers in seconds. It also features an interactive and visual interface, meaning data exploration is no longer just open to the experts. And, of course, it’s fast. “Understanding our customers and how they use our software has always been at the center of our business. Interana is providing new insights on our products and customers at speeds we have not been able to achieve with other solutions,” said Justin Fitzhugh, CIO, Jive Software. “This all boils down to increasing our speed to innovation. We believe the analysis we get from Interana’s solution has revealed insights we have not previously had the opportunity to tap into.”

The mission objective here is taking the kind of speedy, scalable software that leading businesses have had at their fingertips for years, and making it accessible to enterprises at all sizes. Interana are uniquely placed to achieve this goal, because the founders were responsible for building alot of the tech that the enterprise giants use. The team is lead by Ann Johnson (CEO) and Bobby Johnson (CTO), a formidable wife-and-husband duo coming from Intel and Facebook respectively. Bobby Johnson was a Facebook executive between 2006 and 2012, the years in which Facebook became the international and ubiquitous phenomenon it is today. During this time, B. Johnson was a member of the team that helped Facebook scale to handle the vast influx of data they were suddenly with. His team built Hive and Cassandra; he was personally responsible for Scribble and Haystack. Interana’s third founder, Lior Abraham, is also a Facebook alumnus, who invented Facebook’s internal analytics solution SCUBA. They crafted solutions for one of the biggest companies on the globe, and now, they want to craft solutions suitable for businesses of any size.

“Interana is a group of highly talented individuals with a common mission – to fill the event data analytics void; analytics holds the key to true understanding of how customers behave and products are used,” said Ann Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Interana. “With storage becoming drastically cheaper, companies can afford to save the massive amounts of rich event data that has previously gone largely untapped. My vision is to make data a valuable part of everyone’s day.”

With companies such as Sony, Jive, Tinder and Orange Silicon Valley having already adopted the technology before it left private beta, the future certainly looks promising for Interana.

(Image source: Interana)

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