MapD, a Big Data analytics and visualization platform, has secured $1.5 million from Nvidia, Google Ventures, and other participatory investors, with the aim to fund its product development and its first commercial release, later this year, reports Venture Beat.

“There aren’t really any other tools on the market that allow truly interactive visualization and analytics on big data,” explained Todd Mostak, co-founder of Map-D, in a statement. “Map-D can query data at a rate of terabytes per second per server, something only possible by building the fastest possible software on the fastest possible hardware, GPUs”

An MIT spinoff, founded in 2013, MapD (Massively Parallel Database) is an analytics database created by Mostak and Thomas Graham with help from Prof. Sam Madden at MIT that allows interactive querying of big datasets and does so quite quick by tapping Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs). VB reports that it delivers real-time data processing with millisecond latencies across billions of rows of data, all within the memory of the GPUs.

Map-D had won $100,000 from Nvidia at the Emerging Companies Summit in March. “Nvidia quickly recognized Map-D as a leader in the burgeoning ecosystem of big data solutions powered by GPUs,” pointed out Nvidia vice president of business development Jeff Herbst said in a statement adding that they were “delighted to award them the $100,000 first place prize at our Early Stage Challenge contest this past April. And we are equally excited to follow that up with an equity investment at this time.”

“We were impressed with the complexity of problems the Map-D platform could handle at amazing speeds using off-the-shelf GPUs,” noted Google Ventures general partner Rich Miner.

(Image Credit: Capture Queen)

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