Twitter has recently implemented a loop count for it’s micro-movie platform Vine. This new feature, based on data collected since April 3 of this year, gives users the possibility to measure the popularity of their videos. Rather than relying solely on ‘likes’, or a view count which could be inflated by a viewer leaving the tab open, 6-second movie producers now have access to a much more interesting statistic.

There’s still potential to improve the accuracy of this feature, as the data collected only covers a short period, signifying all earlier views without accounting for the distortion of auto-play. Still, it’s another step to make Vine more effective for target marketing.

This is not the first time Twitter has built on Vine, since the acquisition in October 2012 they have added a number of money-making mechanisms including the recently introduced “Buy Now” button and direct advertisement. Vine also went through some cosmetic changes, such as a clearer chronological division and and larger presentation of videos on the home feed.

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(image credit: Vine)

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