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Climate Change Knocks A Crucial Twitter Data Center Offline. If You Wonder About The Effect Of Extreme Heat, Ask Twitter; They Just Lost A Key Data Center In California Due To It.
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Climate change knocks a crucial Twitter data center offline. If you wonder about the effect of extreme heat, ask Twitter; they just lost a key data center in California because of it. California’s tremendous heat wave hit one of the biggest data centers of Twitter. Data centers, which include computers,

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Alleged Cybersecurity Issues Of Twitter Is Causing A Headache For The Firm

There is a chance that regulatory agencies and governments will look into and impose sanctions on Twitter as a result of a number of damning revelations about the company’s cybersecurity methods and regulations. The shocking revelations were disclosed in an over 80-page filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission

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Elon Musk Has Ambitions Toward Making The Twitter Algorithm Open-Source, But What Would Be The Pros And Cons Of This Choice?
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There’s a controversy going on all over the internet regarding the Twitter algorithm. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has ambitions toward making it open-source. What would be the advantages and disadvantages from a user perspective? Social media platforms are being heavily criticized for their content ranking algorithms. We discussed

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Why Outsourcing Social Media Data Access Is A Good Thing
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It’s no news that unstructured data has been a highly sought after source since its inception, first for determining public topical insights and now for training machine learning algorithms. The critical question to answer is whether you should outsource the collection to overcome business challenges or not? Mike Madarasz explains

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And They Both React Poorly To Showers.
Machine Learning

Unstructured text data represents the biggest data set available to enterprises, yet most are unable to process the vast amount of data they collect to get any meaningful insight. Up to 80 percent of data available to enterprises is unstructured data, and comes in a variety of forms, such as

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Berlin Buzzwords Is Back! May 31St - June 3Rd

Berlin Buzzwords, ‘Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing and searching large amounts of digital data’, is back for a sixth year! The conference will take place on May 31st to June 3rd, and this year it will be held at Postbahnhof. It will feature a range of presentations on large

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Twitter Pulls Plug On Data Feed Sharing; Third Party Resellers Lose Access To Firehose
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Twitter has pulled the plug on its data feed ecosystem by revoking access of its syndicated data feed of all tweets generated throughout the microblogging site, collectively called the ‘Firehose,’ to all partnered third parties. The move comes as a followup to its acquisition of the social media API aggregation

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Dataminr Is The Secret Weapon Of Journalists And Hedge Funds
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Dataminr, a real-time information discovery outfit, has picked up $130 million in growth capital in a Series D funding round, it announced on Tuesday after Wall Street Journal broke the news. “This newly raised capital will enable Dataminr to meet the tremendous global demand for our products, expand into new

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Barclays will be the first British bank to offer payments using their twitter handle. The service – powered by its Pingit mobile phone app – aims to give the UK’s 13.5 million Twitter users the ability to make swift, secure payments through the social network without providing either their bank

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Index Indicates Facebook Is Bigger Than We Thought, While Twitter Is Flat
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World’s leading link shortener, Bitly issued a report which indicates that Facebook’s influence has increased significantly from Q3 to Q4 with the largest boost coming from mobile devices. Facebook, they say has taken proactive steps to resolve the issue of dark social-  those that have no referrer data and can’t

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