Cloudera, Dell and Intel are collaborating on the creation of dedicated Dell In-Memory Appliances for the Cloudera Enterprise. The appliances will help integrate the hardware and software, with a view to boosting real-time analytics performance. The In-Memory Appliances will be the first in a group of collaborative developments, which will be known collectively as “Dell Engineered Systems for Cloudera Enterprise.”

“Traditional systems isolate data and create silos that make exploration and collaboration hard,” stated Mike Olson, Cloudera’s co-founder and chief strategy officer. “By putting that data into a modern enterprise data hub, customers can combine it and analyze it.” Dell CTO Sam Greenblatt also highlighted the collaboration will allow users to “incorporate real-time data streams into their applications”.

The appliances will run on Dell R920 hardware that is based on Intel’s Xeon processor, with Cloudera’s enterprise offering, which also incorporates Apache Spark. It is estimated that new appliances integrating these hardware and software solutions could run as much as 100 times faster than MapReduce in-memory, and up to 10 times faster on disk.

Together, Intel, Dell and Cloudera are attempting to build a fully-integrated “big data ecosystem”, from the hardware to the analytics and everything in between.

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