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Ajit Jaokar is a leading expert working at the intersection of Data Science, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Mobile, and Smart Cities. He teaches IoT and Data Science at Oxford and also is a director of Smart Cities Lab in Madrid. Ajit’s work involves applying machine learning techniques to

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Social networks, in one form or another, have existed since people first began to interact. Indeed, put two or more people together and you have the foundation of a social network. It is therefore no surprise that, in today’s Internet-everywhere world, online social networks have become entirely ubiquitous. Within this

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Katharine Jarmul and Data Natives are joining forces to give you an amazing chance to delve deeply into Python and how to apply it to data manipulation, and data wrangling. By the end of her workshop, Learn Python for Data Analysis,  you will feel comfortable importing and running simple Python analysis on your

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During one of our data-munging sessions here at Coralogix, we found ourselves needing to assess the cardinality of large data sets. Getting the accurate result is seemingly trivial: you simply iterate over the data, and count the number of unique elements. In reality, however, the task is more troublesome, mainly

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Choosing the right language for data analysis can be almost as complicated as actually learning the language. For many reasons, R and Python are two of the most popular: R is often praised for its great features for data visualization, as it was developed with statisticians in mind; plenty of programmers love multi-purpose Python for its so-simple-a-child-could-do-it syntax. Why

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Why Spark Won't Kill Hadoop

Fans and supporters of Hadoop have no reason to fear; Hadoop isn’t going away anytime soon. There’s been a great deal of consternation about the future of Hadoop, most of it stemming from the growing popularity of Apache Spark. Some big data experts have even gone so far as to

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similarity measure implementation python
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In a particular subset of the data science world, “similarity distance measures” has become somewhat of a buzz term. Like all buzz terms, it has invested parties- namely math & data mining practitioners- squabbling over what the precise definition should be. As a result, the term, involved concepts and their

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Top 10 Data Science Stories
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TOP DATACONOMY ARTICLES 14 Best Python Pandas Features “Pandas is the most widely used tool for data munging. It contains high-level data structures and manipulation tools designed to make data analysis fast and easy. Apart from serving as a quick reference, I hope this post will help you to quickly

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