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How To Apply Predictive Analytics To Premiership Football To Beat The Bookies
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A few years ago, I combined my day job as a data engineer, helping customers engineer data analytics, with my love for  football and set out to beat the bookies. It’s an exciting game to play, and I have learned a lot about the merits of different predictive models that

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Germany Vs Usa: A Surge In Nazi Insults

During the Germany vs. USA World Cup match on Thursday, some striking data emerged on twitter. In a blog post, Reuben Fischer-Baum collected all the tweets containing “Nazi” or “Nazis” during the game (from 11:35am – 14:03pm EST) which saw 30,209 tweets in total. The graph below shows when the

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The World Cup, Visualised

If you’re not sick of World Cup fever just yet, we have a few World Cup visualisations to brighten up your weekend. The first is a visualisation showing how World Cup teams are drawn from league players around the world. Although you have to be a national citizen to play

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Germany'S Bringing Data To The World Cup
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In an article last week, we looked at whether data analytics could help us predict the winner of the world cup. Admittedly, it is unclear whether big data will have any effect in the predictions we make in this field, but the possibility of it being used in something as

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Predicting The World Cup With Big Data

This time next week, we will be in the throes of World Cup fever. As we speak, beers are being readied, projection screens are being mounted, and unrealistic levels of national pride and aspiration are mounting. Already, stats and predictions for almost every facet of the event are flooding in;

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