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Data Mining Tops Linkedin'S List Of The Hottest Skills In 2014
Data Science 101News

The list for 25 Hottest Skills of 2014 that got people hired according to the business networking service provider, LinkedIn, came out mid-December last year, and there has been a significant shuffling since 2013. What came out on top as the number one on this list was Statistical Analysis and

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What Is A Data Warehouse?
Data Science

When you mention “data warehouse” to someone not acquainted with the term, the first image that springs to their minds is usually something like the one above. When in fact, it actually looks a little more like this: A data warehouse is, on the highest level, a central repository of data.

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Bityota Announces Launch Of Its Flagship Data Warehouse Service, Promises More Power Packed And Flexible Experience
Data ScienceNews

BitYota, a Warehouse-as-a-Service provider for big data analytics, has now made available its flagship Data Warehouse Service (DWS). Founded in late 2011, the startup claims that, imbued with new capabilities, it provides greater power, versatility and convenience to the multi-structured data analytics platform. Dev Patel, CEO of BitYota explained, “Some

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What The Future Holds For The Internet Of Things &Amp; Smart Cities
Big DataInternet of Things

In the latest installment of our expert interviews about the future of the Internet of Things, we discuss the promise of these smart cities with RF Code‘s VP of Worldwide Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Richard Jenkins. As a leading environmental monitoring and asset management solutions provider, RF Code have been

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Exasol: Building The Fastest Database In The World
BI & Analytics

Exasol was founded 14 years ago with a mission in mind: to build an ultra-fast, highly scalable database for analytics. Having been in the business of crafting an in-memory database for nearly a decade and a half, Exasol is uniquely placed to offer insights into the data science ecosystem, and will

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