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What’s the one thing that all digital marketers must know? The fact that data is king on today’s marketing landscape. Having comprehensive and accurate data is essential for making effective marketing decisions. It can help executives identify industry trends and discover potential customers, making big data analysis important for optimizing

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Car-generated data is set to transform the auto industry and the consumer driving experience, but there are significant challenges along the way.   What’s the most disruptive trend in the auto industry today? If you answered “electric engines” or “self-driving cars,” not so fast. The real game-changer for the industry

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It’s not a question. Digital customer engagement and service is on the rise. Customers are of the hope that businesses will in day’s to come, implement digital channels to solve service issues and complete transactions. According to Zendesk, 70 % of customers expect companies to have a self-service option in

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What’s stopping business schools from catching up to the business world which relies heavily on Big Data and Data Science? Schools that can incorporate these into all areas of their educational offerings will be the ones that prepare students the best for the challenges they’ll face today — and the

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If we’re talking about sports analytics, I have to bring up the “Moneyball” reference. Honestly speaking though, sports analytics has come a really long way from the times of Moneyball. Moneyball got the ball rolling, and, boy! has the ball gathered enormous momentum today. Better technology surprisingly advanced real-time video

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Connected cars offer a wealth of data generation and utilisation possibilities. To optimize the use of this data, blockchain has a role to play.  When Henry Ford introduced mass production, it gave the automobile industry a phenomenal boost by making car ownership affordable for millions. A second revolution is now

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