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I’ll never forget my “aha” moment with bias in AI. I was working at IBM as the product owner for Watson Visual Recognition. We knew that the API wasn’t the best in class at returning “accurate” tags for images, and we needed to improve it. I was nervous about the

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The digital advertising market has doubled in size over the past five years, with the total ad spend in Europe approaching €50 billion, according to the IAB. The success and continued growth of the market is reliant on the massive volumes of data produced each day – an estimated 2.5 quintillion

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Artificial Intelligence is dominating innovation in companies across the globe- doesn’t matter if they are giant conglomerates or young startups. According to a report by Research and Markets titled Artificial Intelligence Market by Technology, and Industry Vertical – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2018-2025, the global Artificial Intelligence market

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For some time, observability in IT operations has been associated with three data types that monitoring systems must ingest in order to be at least somewhat effective: logs, metrics, and traces. This limit to the type of data consumed is far from efficient when it comes to the true needs

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Disasters are dangerous, but Big Data can help improve disaster relief and preparedness to cut back on lives lost and community damage. Historically, public policies have proved ineffective in providing adequate help for disaster-stricken citizens. A year after hurricane Harvey in 2017, for example, residents are still in the midst

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“Mix and match” might work for products on sale at the supermarket, but it’s not necessarily the best strategy for an IT department. In this case, the “mixing” involves adopting cloud solutions along with in-house IT systems, with the IT team managing the relationship between the different systems. The issue

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