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Goldman Sachs predicts that a $100+ billion market opportunity for drones will exist until 2020 – and that’s not just for military usage. The aviation sector is clearly an attractive market capable of drawing in young entrepreneurial teams from across the world, such as the German startup AIRTEAM – an

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As companies digitize and data occupies a more central place in our lives, corporations are struggling to find enough talented people to meet the business challenges they face. This has created exceptional opportunities for individuals who are up for tackling those challenges. Ross Taylor of ALPIMA started his career as an economist

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2018 has brought a new focus to the careers, excellence and issues of working women, and this extends into the fields of tech and data science. As we approach the Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference on March 5, 2018, it is important to take a moment and reflect on

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In the 1990s, anthropologist Robin Dunbar hypothesized that the maximum number of people an individual can personally know and remember is 150 — Dunbar’s number. The specific figure is debated, but it is common sense that the human cognitive capacity to understand relationships at scale has a limit. The larger

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The sudden evolution of the phone from a single-function device for making calls to a multifunctional pocket computer is one that’s already changed how we conduct business and live our lives a great deal. Now more than ever before, however, our behavior is also influencing this evolution to create products

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Financial markets offer countless ways of making (or losing) money. A key distinction among them is the investment horizon, which can range from fractions of a second to years. Previously, I sat down to talk about investing and data with co-founders of new investment management firms representing the high-frequency and

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