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Joe Gershenson is a software engineer at Infer Inc., where he leverages his data science expertise to help B2B companies infuse predictive analytics into their sales and marketing programs. He joined Infer from Facebook's infrastructure engineering team, where his work focused on using large data sets to prepare datacenters for disaster scenarios. Before Facebook, he founded GazeHawk, a YCombinator-funded startup which built eye-tracking software using computer vision and machine learning techniques. Joe has Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Carnegie Mellon and is a good guy to ask if you have urgent questions about model checking omega cellular automata.

Machine Learning Can Predict Game Of Thrones Betrayals
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A few months ago, Airbnb ran a great post about how its trust and safety data scientists build machine learning models to protect users from fraud by predicting bad actors. As the piece illustrated using Game of Thrones, a highly nuanced model is required to determine something like whether someone

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