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Jonathan Epstein is chief marketing officer of Sentient Technologies, the best-funded independent artificial intelligence company. In that role, he oversees all marketing strategy and execution for Sentient's two Intelligent Commerce products: Sentient Ascend, the AI-powered CRO solution which has ushered in the era of massively multivariate testing, and Sentient Aware, which uses AI to create product-driven customer experiences for the world's leading retailers. Epstein has started, managed, and monetized numerous technology and media companies, including GameSpot (founding CEO), GameSpy (president), IGN (EVP), Omek Interactive (President), and Hawkes Remotes (CEO.) He holds a degree in physical sciences from Harvard, three patents, and is an accomplished bassoonist.

Ai Is Disrupting Everything And These 3 Industries Are Next
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You may not see it, but it’s there. Artificial intelligence, that is. It’s beating us at our most complicated games, helping curate the news we read every day, ever improving our search results, driving our cars, and on and on and on. We’ve entered into what some experts are calling

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