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Doron Pinhas

Doron Pinhas is the CTO of Continuity Software, and has been with the company since 2005. Prior to joining Continuity, Doron was with Xpert Integrated Systems LTD., a leading Israeli SI, since 1998, first serving as its Chief Operating Officer and later forming the Business Continuity Solutions division. Prior to joining Xpert, Doron served in the Israeli Defense Force for 10 years as senior product developer and system architect, retiring with the rank of Major. Doron has over 17 years of experience in data and storage management, real-time applications, operating system design and development, and open system and networking architecture definition.

It 'Mix And Match’ - Can We Make It Work?
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“Mix and match” might work for products on sale at the supermarket, but it’s not necessarily the best strategy for an IT department. In this case, the “mixing” involves adopting cloud solutions along with in-house IT systems, with the IT team managing the relationship between the different systems. The issue

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