MyHeritage, a global platform for finding your heritage, released the MyHeritage AI Time Machine, which is a cutting-edge and entertaining feature that uses text-to-image AI technology to produce photos of a person in various historical eras. Have you ever imagined how you might have looked if you were a Viking? Now you can stop wondering and see it for yourself.

What is MyHeritage AI Time Machine?

MyHeritage added a fun feature called MyHeritage AI Time Machine that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate hypothetical pictures of a person’s appearance if they lived in different historical eras. You can quickly create images of yourself with MyHeritage AI Time Machine, including as an astronaut, a 19th-century lord or lady, a medieval knight, or an Egyptian pharaoh!

Myheritage Ai Time Machine Lets You Travel To The Most Iconic Historical Eras
MyHeritage Founder and CEO Gilad Japhet as an Egyptian pharaoh
(Image courtesy of MyHeritage)

“At MyHeritage, we’re constantly developing cool new ways to connect people to their family history. Over the past 3 years, we released many successful features that use the power of AI to bring historic photos to life. MyHeritage AI Time Machine is a new twist on this theme, inviting you to travel to the past and see yourself as you might have looked at the time of your ancestors. While developing this feature, the recurring question among our team was when it would be released so we could finally share our own mind-blowing images!”

Gilad Japhet, MyHeritage Founder and CEO

MyHeritage AI Time Machine uses genuine photos you upload to create breathtaking, hyper-realistic visuals presented in various themes, from prehistoric times to the age of space travel and beyond.

The technology used by MyHeritage AI Time Machine is based on Stable Diffusion and was licensed by Astria.

“We are delighted to collaborate with MyHeritage to apply our technology to the field of family history. Generative AI is an exhilarating new frontier, and we’re very excited that this integration will create fun and meaningful experiences for millions of people worldwide.”

Alon Burg, Co-founder and CEO of Astria

Images generated by this feature are generated by artificial intelligence; they are not real photographs but are quite lifelike. All images created by AI have watermarks to distinguish them from real photos.

Currently, PC and mobile web browsers can access MyHeritage AI Time Machine.

With a one-time fee, you can submit photos to make a model of one person and produce 160 images with up to 20 different themes. A larger usage quota is available to users of the MyHeritage Complete subscription at no extra cost.

Deepfake technology, a type of synthetic media in which a person in an already-existing image or video is edited or replaced with someone else’s likeness, is a specialty of MyHeritage.

Deepfakes are not without controversy, though; an increasing reason for worry is that they can help propagate false information, stolen identities, and even fraud.

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How to use MyHeritage AI Time Machine?

Follow these steps to use MyHeritage AI Time Machine and find your Viking version:

  • Visit the MyHeritage AI Time Machine website. Alternatively, select “AI Time MachineTM” by hovering your cursor over the “Photos” tab in the navigation bar to view the website when connected to your MyHeritage account,
  • You must have an account or register to MyHeritage to use AI Time Machine. You can create an account in under a minute. Select the “Log in” option at the bottom of the pop-up if you already have a MyHeritage account.
  • Click the “Try it now” option to begin.
    • You may find instructions for choosing which photographs to upload on the following screen. Follow the rules to ensure AI generates the best outcomes. You’ll require 10 to 25 images of the same subject, taken over the course of several days in various locations, stances, and viewpoints. The results will improve as you add more pictures. You may upload up to 35 files. It should be noted that uploading images of people at various ages is typically not a good idea because it impairs the technology’s capacity to create a consistent individual model.
  • Drag and drop the images into the frame from your computer or smartphone.
    • Crop the images first so that only you are visible if you appear in some of the pictures with someone else in the foreground.
Myheritage Ai Time Machine Lets You Travel To The Most Iconic Historical Eras
Image courtesy: MyHeritage
  • Click “Continue” when you are finished uploading the photographs. You’ll see a pop-up asking you to describe the pictures’ subject. Select the gender, type the person’s first name or another title, and then click “Continue” again.
Myheritage Ai Time Machine Lets You Travel To The Most Iconic Historical Eras
Image courtesy: MyHeritage

MyHeritage AI Time Machine will begin processing your photographs as soon as you log in. The time it takes to create the basic model from your images ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You don’t need to wait on the page; you’ll get an email as soon as your photographs are generated.

Myheritage Ai Time Machine Lets You Travel To The Most Iconic Historical Eras
Image courtesy: MyHeritage

Once your model is prepared with the initial sets of images, generating images with additional themes typically takes a couple of minutes. Simply click the theme buttons to choose the ones you wish to use to generate other thematic images.

Images can be downloaded or shared individually, in sets of 8 images or all the sets generated. Click the Share icon to send the images to Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, as well as to copy the URL and share them on another platform.

Myheritage Ai Time Machine Lets You Travel To The Most Iconic Historical Eras
Image courtesy: MyHeritage

The images can be downloaded as a jpeg file by clicking the Download icon. When you share or download while viewing a set, the entire set of eight will be included. Share and download actions only apply to a single image when you view a particular image.

Attention: When you upload images, it automatically creates a MyHeritage account and uploads these photos to your profile. You can easily delete them by clicking “Photos,” choosing them and hitting “delete items” in the three-bar menu.

Myheritage Ai Time Machine Lets You Travel To The Most Iconic Historical Eras
Image courtesy: MyHeritage

MyHeritage AI Time Machine examples

Check out the different versions of MyHeritage Founder and CEO Gilad Japhet:

Here are some more examples, this time featuring Maya Lerner, the company’s Senior VP of Products.

How does MyHeritage AI Time Machine work?

AI Time Machine uses Stable Diffusion’s text-to-image technology that it has licensed from Astria. It creates a model from several images of a single subject that may represent that person in various stances and lighting conditions that are distinct from those in the source photographs. The model then combines motifs from different eras using a set of predetermined themes to create lifelike images.

MyHeritage AI Time Machine pricing

The MyHeritage AI Time Machine photo generation feature is currently accessible on MyHeritage’s desktop and mobile websites. You can submit photos to make a model of one person and produce 160 images with up to 20 different themes with a one-time fee (€ 9,95, VAT not included). A higher usage quota will be available to users with a MyHeritage Complete plan at no extra cost; information on the quota will be released soon.

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MyHeritage AI Time Machine themes

There are already dozens of themes available on AI Time Machine, representing many historical periods ranging from Ancient Greece to the 20th century’s known outer space. You can choose additional themes that catch your interest on the results page after the first five themes have been automatically chosen for you.

What is MyHeritage?

MyHeritage is one of the most popular global family history discovery platforms. With billions of family tree profiles, historical documents, and advanced matching technologies that operate across all of its resources, MyHeritage enables individuals to learn about their ancestry and take control of their destinies.

MyHeritage DNA is one of the biggest consumer DNA databases in the world, holding 6.3 million users’ DNA data. MyHeritage has over 104 million members globally and is the most popular DNA test and family history service in Europe. The cutting-edge AI technologies for animating, mending, improving, and coloring old photographs have been available on MyHeritage since 2020.

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