Partisia Blockchain and Data Natives are partnering to bring to hackers worldwide a great hackathon experience happening online from Sep 28 to Nov 14. Code and network with like-minded Rust and Python developers, and have free 1:1 mentoring and interesting workshops in this hackathon. As a bonus, between 15-17 Nov, the 30 strongest teams will be invited to join free for an extra on-site event in Paris from Dec 1-3. To participate in the competition, developers must submit their code solution built on Partisia Blockchain until Nov 14.

Main focus verticals of the #PartiHack will be DeFi beyond Crypto and Data Economy.

Partisia aspires to create blockchain-based distributed trust technologies that promote the growth of our society. This mission can only be accomplished with the help of a thriving ecosystem of developers and communities who can show the value of MPC on blockchain and how privacy-preserving principles must be a cornerstone of any decentralized infrastructure solution for the future digital economy.

Join The Partisia Blockchain Hackathon

The Partisia Blockchain underpins blockchain-based privacy-protecting and governance solutions that show the capability of multi-party computation (MPC) to address societal concerns related to economic growth, healthcare, and well-being while advancing the UN’s sustainability goals.

When will it take place?

● Online: Sep 29 – Nov 14

● Offline: December 1-3

On November 15, when both the offline event registration period and the online activity period come to an end, teams will be chosen for good. There is no cap on the number of teams that can participate in the hackathon, however, Partisia will choose the top 30 teams to present live on stage.

The second part of the event will be held in Paris between December 1-3. The top 30 teams will come together in a face-to-face event and awards ceremony.

How and where to apply?

In order to join the #PartiHack in Paris, teams need to fill out the registration form and submit their code in GitHub. It is not necessary to attend the Paris event to be selected as the winner. But you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to work with founders and senior architects, which will improve your prospects.

You can check the hackathon page here.


● $125K: Become the Parti Hack champion

● $100K: Introducing the “Ivan Damgard MPC Award”

● $75K: Parti Hack second prize

● $25K: Parti Hack third prize

● $25K: Partisia Community Award

Watch their announcement in Singapoure token 2049 here:

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