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Applied Data Hackathon
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From February 28 to March 7, 2022, the Applied Data Hackathon welcomed data scientists with entrepreneurial spirits from multiple backgrounds. Participants tackled three challenges or brought their own, intending to solve some of the most pressing real-world problems we face today. The satisfaction of coming up with original and inspiring

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Hackathon Success Stories
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What connects Zapier, GroupMe, CloudMine, Zaarly, LaunchRock, and Foodspotting? These successful startups were created during weekend hackathon events and, combined, have gone on to raise $51.4m in funding. However, when you search for “hackathon success stories,” you’ll see that these examples are somewhat rare. Partly that’s because the teams involved

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Find Your Perfect Match For The Applied Data Hackathon

Join us to find your teammates and get ready to learn more about the Applied Data Hackathon. About this event Welcome to new and familiar faces! Whether you are brand new to the Applied Data Hackathon or know a little, let’s bring everyone up to speed. Applied Data Incubator is the

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Data Natives 2022
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Data Natives is back! Europe’s biggest data science and AI event will take place in Berlin, for real and in person, because online conferences are so 2020. Mark your diaries – we’ll be bringing you the best speakers, networking events, hackathons, open forums, and more between March 10 to 24, 2022.

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Call To All Developers, Programmers, Entrepreneurs: Three Challenges Await You
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Meet investors, Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, a talent pool of developers and programmers  as they solve three Blockchain challenges over two days in Berlin. Here is why you should be a part of LongHash Cryptocon Vol2. Berlin has been recognised as the cryptocurrency capital of Europe for more than half

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“Lpwan Can Provide A Cost Effective​ Network For Iot”
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How do we automate the Smart Machine Bidding procedure for the LPWAN devices in order to reduce the costs of an IoT network? Yes, this is one of the challenges for the second Blockchain Hackathon (part of LongHash Cryptocon Vol2) in Berlin on May 18-19 this year. More details here.

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“With Algo-Trading, The Market Will Have Good Liquidity &Amp; Higher Profits For Users From The Trading Process.”
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How to implement an Algo Order in Cybex Dex?Yes, this is one of the challenges for the second Blockchain Hackathon (part of LongHash Cryptocon Vol2) in Berlin on May 18-19 this year. More details here. As an advantage to all developers, Blockchain enthusiasts and Crypto geeks who are aching to

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Love To The Front: Germany'S First Lgbti Hackathon

Do you care strongly about a specific challenge that LGBTI communities face? Parental rights, finding a partner, equal marriage, discrimination, hate crimes? Do you have any ideas how to solve those challenges using technology? Disrupt the tech industry and fill it up with unicorny innovations at the first LGBTI Hackathon

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Data Around The World Part Vi: Hackathon At Stanford
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As of October 4th, the STORM team is traveling the US, with exciting events such as a visit to Tesla and Google, driving on the Golden Gate bridge – and a hackathon on the STORM data at Stanford University. What was the hackathon about? A simple task: let’s crunch some

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Data Science Leveraged To Stop Human Trafficking
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Finding missing children and unraveling the complex web of human trafficking is no easy task. The relevant datasets are massive and often unstandardized. It can be difficult to find the right data at all, as it often disappears from websites and pages on a regular basis. When data is hard

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