Last year was full of exciting events. As soon as solarisBank received its banking license, a new
chapter was opened for the company, as well as for me. We faced a tough but an exciting challenge:
as a tech company with a banking license, we needed a strong BI team to provide the company with
a vehicle to drive business strategy with data. As the Head of BI, this meant that I needed to create this
department from scratch.

Throughout the year, I had a chance to attend several conferences where I met interesting and
inspiring individuals who were as driven by data as I am. Back then, I was looking for a teammate
who would help me with establishing the BI Department and creating processes that would help
transform the data collected into scalable and valuable knowledge.

In October, I attended the Data Natives conference here in Berlin, where I met Ofer Kulka. We had a
successful first meeting at the conference and we were both excited to have the same BI mindset, so
we decided to get to know each other better, have a more detailed exchange at our office, where he
would get to know more about the company, team and our mission.

And what can I say: It all worked out. In November, Ofer joined me at solarisBank to push our work
within the Business Intelligence Department forward. We have accomplished a lot in the past year;
we managed to create and develop workflows and processes to structure the company’s most
important data, in order to identify potential challenges as well as strategic opportunities.

We work closely with a wide range of stakeholders at solarisBank, therefore, it was important for me
to create a reliable and transparent team that manages to collaborate with stakeholders and support
the company in its development and evolution. With Ofer on my team, we managed to achieve this.
Despite our contrasting backgrounds, competences and our problem-solving approaches, we always
manage to find the best possible solution.

Exciting times are ahead of us as solarisBank is aiming to expand into Asia. Even more exciting is that
we are growing together with the company. We will soon have two more analysts joining our BI
team, who will help us overcome the new challenges that might come up along the way.

The Data Natives Conference last year was a great opportunity for me, in many ways. Ofer has been
a strong asset to solarisBank. Furthermore, I managed to not only expand my network with others in
the industry but also create a long lasting and strong partnership.

To learn more from Mari, get your Data Natives ticket here.

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