With “Brexit” looming over Britain, a promising new startup hub is emerging in Europe: Berlin’s Silicon Allee. As a comparison between London and Berlin demonstrates, chances are the latter may claim the position as EU’s most important startup ecosystem. But it takes a lot more to stand a chance against San Francisco, the startup capital at the heart of Silicon Valley. Is Berlin ready to compete with that?

Over one-quarter of the world’s unicorn startups are located in Silicon Valley. Being the world’s largest startup ecosystem, it’s valued at approximately $279 billion. In 2016 alone the Silicon Valley startups collected $26 billion in venture capital amongst themselves.

But the Bay Area faces some serious trouble: along with the groundbreaking success of its companies the cost of living has been rising rapidly. This means as workers are priced out and start looking elsewhere for more affordable options, startups struggle to find the talent they need.

And that is where the Berlin startup ecosystem has its chance to shine: cost of living is significantly lower and the atmosphere is ideal for young entrepreneurs to build businesses, supported by investors, government funds and an inspiring startup scene.

All things considered, how does Berlin hold up in comparison with San Francisco? This infographic created by 99designs compares the two startup cities in terms of access to capital, resources, cost of living and startup ecosystem, to find out if Berlin could be Europe’s new Silicon Valley.

Berlin Vs San Francisco: Why Berlin’s Silicon Allee Is Europe’s New Silicon Valley

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