Darya Niknamian
Content Marketing Manager

Originally born in Germany but grew up in Canada (the land of sorry’s and eh’s)
Calling herself a Berliner for just over a year
Thinks life is not complete without a little daily sarcasm

What brought you to Dataconomy in the first place?

I have a bit more of an analytical and science background as I completed a Chemistry and Life Science degree but ended up in Marketing! I was drawn to the growing field of Data Science and all the applications to different industries :). I am also big fan on Behavioural Economics and a lot of findings are made as a result of studying mountains of data and discerning trends.

What do you do at Dataconomy?

I’m the Content Marketing Manager at Dataconomy so I help curate content; find interesting and beautiful data stories; discover new partners and people to profile and manage all social media channels.

How do you use data driven technologies in your day to day life?

Well, I am constantly on my phone, whether it’s to communicate with people back home, read stories, map out where I am going to go or monitor our social media accounts. Also at work I am a big fan of Google Analytics and other metric reporting programs to help me identify what content our readers like!

Dataconomy puts on several events on a yearly basis with the philosophy of being a “Data Native” – what does this mean to you?

We can’t escape data, it’s everywhere and is ingrained in our daily lives and will continue to become a bigger part of society. So to me, being a Data Native is living and breathing data – becoming more aware of what impact it has.

What topics do you like to read on Dataconomy?

I am a big fan of articles that parallel Data Science with industries that may not be apparently using data applications! For example there was an article written by one of our awesome contributors Hannah titled – Will Big Data Write the Next Hit Song? I forgot how much programs like Spotify or Shazam use data and machine learning to optimize the user experience and generate recommendations. And since I am a big music lover, this article really resonated with me.

Dataconomy is based in Berlin, what is your favourite thing about living in such a booming tech town?

Berlin is a city that keeps changing and I love it as there is always something going on, especially in the tech scene – you can never tell me you had a dull moment in Berlin. People in the tech world are super open and creative, so it’s easy to get new ideas and build off that energy.

Interested in learning more about Marketing at Dataconomy? Touch base with Darya on LinkedIn or email her at darya@dataconomy.com

image credit: CartanTours

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