Starcounter, the combined in-memory database engine and application server provider, has secured $1.8 million in financing, they announced yesterday.

“We are impressed with the way Starcounter’s groundbreaking database technology helps developers bring new applications to market fast and at a low cost,” vouched Johan Englund, Investment Manager at Industrifonden. “Starcounter is positioned to make a significant impact on the software industry, and with this new financing, we look forward to the company’s continued growth and innovation in this market.”

$1.2 million of the total came from Sweden’s investment giant Industrifonden, which has a past of investing in companies it believes to possess international growth potential, according to a news release.

The new-found financing will aid in the development and launch of a new web technology for software application developers, all the while fueling the global outreach strategy and adoption of Starcounter’s in-memory application platform for independent software vendors (ISVs) and web developers.

(Image credit: Starcounter)


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