Researchers of the Cognitive Modelling Group at Germany’s University of Tubingen have developed the Mario AI Project wherein a self aware Mario who makes decisions based on what it learns through spoken instructions or concepts and by exploring his environment.

Mario here has also been programmed with internal emotive states which articulates into feelings. He interacts autonomously with the researchers and his although slow, his progress is ongoing. The Cognitive Modelling team has released a video to document how the artificial intelligence works.

Carnegie-Mellon’s Sphinx speech-recognition toolkit has been utilized to enhance Mario’s understanding of English sentences and commands, reports VentureBeat.

An effort to unravel the workings of the human brain, the team also disclosed that this project has generated “a fully functional program” and “an alive and somewhat intelligent artificial agent”, reports BBC.

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(Featured image credit: JD Hancock, via Flickr)

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