MongoDB, the cross-platform document-oriented database developer and HCL Infosystems, India’s Premier Distribution and IT Services and Solutions Company, have signed a global partnership in a bid to enable HCL Infosystems gain further grounding with its offerings in the emerging big data segment by developing services around MongoDB.

“MongoDB provides immense value through its proven functionality for processing and analyzing large data sets and offers a scalable solution to customers. Our collaboration will enable us to broaden our market reach in the fast growing Big Data segment,” explained APS Bedi, President – Enterprise Business, HCL Infotech Ltd.

Kamal Brar, the Vice President APAC, MongoDB, enunciates: “Big Data is more than just addressing increasing volume; organizations need solutions that can manage increasing data variety and velocity. Today, businesses need to quickly ingest, store, and access useful information from massive pools of multi-structured data.”

“This is where MongoDB excels. HCL Infosystems will offer innovative solutions and services for organizations to gain value from their data and make smarter and faster business decisions. Partnering with HCL will further strengthen our footprint globally,” he further said explaining their strategy.

This is one of the many partnerships that MongoDB has gone into globally as a result of which it now has a thriving global community. “Common MongoDB use cases include Single View, Internet of Things, Mobile, Personalization, Content Management, Real-Time Analytics and Catalog,” reports a news release.

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(Image credit: David Martin)

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