We’re creating and collecting more data each year than ever before, but how do we derive value from it?

Few of us have first-hand experience of mining insight out of our data, and yet increasingly our markets demand such insight, and often in real-time. There are practitioners out there in technology and allied fields who have been data-centric for years and they have the skills and insights in how to adopt modern big data technology and use it to great effect. Those are the people we now look at to help bridge the looming gap between data and insight.

Would you like to help evolve & discover technologies & practices to derive value from big data with the world’s leading experts in this field?

Join us at the Big Data eXchange on November 26th!
Join the world’s leading data practitioners and some 100 members of the UK data science community to learn and share insights, skills and tools and help evolve the technologies and practices in this field.

Great minds on stage
Keynoted by Robert Witoff, Head of Data Science at Coinbase, this year’s Big Data eXchange will welcome world leading experts Yodit Stanton (Founder of Atomic data labs), Dr Abigail Lebrecht (Statistical Analyst at uSwitch.com),Andrew Clegg, Felienne Hermans, Tareq Abedrabbo and Jim Webber.

Throught discussions and talks, we’ll gain a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges we face when adopting modern big data technology.

Highly experienced community
You’ll be able to discover, help evolve and adopt new technologies and ideas, sharing your experience and perspective with some 100 other members in our community who are tackling the challenges and opportunities of big data technology in their jobs eery day.

Registration open!
Click here to be a part of it.

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