LinkedIn has rolled out its Economic Graph Challenge to catalyze “bold thinking by smart, passionate individuals” and bring about “economic empowerment.”

Branching out from the development of the Economic Graph — a “digital mapping of the global economy” that primarily consists of information about professionals, job opportunities and all relevant data to connect the opportunities with the right individuals — the Economic Graph Challenge has been set up “to encourage researchers, academics, and data-driven thinkers to propose how they would use data from LinkedIn to solve some of the most challenging economic problems of our times,” writes senior director of engineering at LinkedIn, Deepak Agarwal in a post announcing the launch.

“That angle sets it apart from the “data grants” that Twitter announced in February. Facebook has also engaged with researchers in the past to study data on its social network,” points out Jordan Novet of Venture Beat.

Interested individuals must submit ideas about harvesting data from LinkedIn to positively impact the global economy. Three proposals will be chosen from individuals or teams, to receive $25,000 (USD) research award and the resources to complete their proposed research, with the chance to have it published.

LinkedIn promises to uphold member privacy and security with access to select data from LinkedIn database being provided only to the winning party under supervision.

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(Image Credit: Link Humans)

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