Another week, another fresh spate of acquisitions and funding to prove that the data science market is constantly evolving and growing. Google acquired two Oxford University-based startups, Buzzfeed acqui-hired the Torando Labs team, and VMWare have scooped up Continuent to bolster their cloud offering. Compass and Enlitic picked up $2 million in fresh funding each, whilst health and fitness tracking app Strava announced a seriously impressive $18.5 million funding.

On a slightly less positive note, the IBM quarterly report was down once more, proving just how challenging this rapidly-changing market can be for the legacy juggernauts. Here is our pick of the ten highlights you don’t want to miss from the innovative and ever-changing field of data science.


6 Stumbling Blocks For Marketing With DataHow a Coder Became the CEO of One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies

We got in touch with Jeff Thorness, CEO and Founder of Forte Payments, through the FinDEVr Conference in San Francisco. As Founder of the company he bootstrapped the venture from inception in 1998 to a 115-people operation in 2014.

Debunking The Myths Of Online Dating≪Br /≫
Debunking the Myths of Online Dating

“My mini-foray into online dating got me thinking about how big data facilitates for easier access to sex, love and matchmaking, and whether this heralds a positive turn for human connectedness. Does it foster a hook-up culture, or does it actually help create more modern-day fairytales? I’m here to specifically address two common concerns about the role of big data in online dating, and hopefully debunk them in my arguments below.”

The Data Behind Deep Space Exploration The Data Behind Deep Space Exploration

“The space race began decades ago, but it has now reached unprecedented new levels that are scaled on a near-daily basis.

Back then, it was nations getting into space. Now, that has transformed to what level of space nations can cross. With each nation’s every attempt (successful or otherwise) to cross newer, farther frontiers in space, come larger and larger volumes of data.”


Google Adds 2 Oxford University Startups To Its Artificial Intelligence Brain Bank≪Br /≫
Google Adds 2 Oxford University Startups to its Artificial Intelligence Brain Bank

Charting the next step in its Artificial Intelligence endeavour, Google has acquired two prominent Oxford startups to join the Google DeepMind team meanwhile making a substantial contribution to establish a research partnership with the Computer Science Department and the Engineering Department at Oxford University.

10 Big Data Stories You Shouldn’t Miss This WeekEnlitic – Healthcare and Big Data Amalgam – Picks up $2M in Seed Fund to Propel Diagnostics Innovation

Enlitic, a San Francisco-based startup that is tapping Big Data to innovate in Medical Diagnostics, has landed $2 million seed round at VentureBeat’s HealthBeat conference on Monday. The round was led by Amplify with participation from Data Collective.

10 Big Data Stories You Shouldn’t Miss This WeekArgyle Data Taps Existing NSA & Facebook Tech in Flagship Product to Counter Fraud in Real-Time

Argyle Data, a real-time fraud analytics startup, has rolled out its flagship anti-fraud software, alongside an announcement of $4.5 million in funding to help companies detect and combat fraud through machine learning and real-time analytics.

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6022907226_C3Bd319110_Z4-5 November, 2014- Predictive Analytics World, Berlin

The Predictive Analytics World is the business event for professionals, managers and users of Predictive Analytics. The conference offers trend-setting keynotes, relevant case studies and practical lectures.

3-8 November, 2014- Boston Data Festival3-8 November, 2014- Boston Data Festival
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Top Dataconomy Jobs

zanox is Europe’s leading performance-based online advertising network with more than 700 employees and is founded on a business model aligned towards innovation, technological development and openness.

The company’s positive development rests on a performance-based business model aiming to improve the consumers’ experience. The zanox Group currently has branches in Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil and Poland. The group consists of zanox AG, Digital Window Ltd., eprofessional GmbH and Metrigo GmbH. Our shareholders are Axel Springer SE (52,5 %) and the Swiss based PubliGroupe AG (47,5 %).

10 Big Data Stories You Shouldn’t Miss This Week Data Scientist

Teleport Data Scientist finds, scrapes, fuses, structures, visualizes and builds our growing pool of data that we use to power our search engine for digital nomads. We’ll never have perfect data for the entire planet, but thanks to you we’ll able to give useful responses to location searches anyway. We don’t expect every candidate to check all these boxes. What you don’t know, you should be self-motivated to learn. We hope you can show us a glimpse into that ability already during your work on the test task.

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