Born of the confluence of the Internet, wireless technologies and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), the Internet of Things might at some point lead to the next level of connectivity of devices, systems, and services that will not be restricted to machine-to-machine communication.

What researchers at IBM want is to tap the block chain technology for a distribution platform for the Internet of Things.

Paul Brody, the head of mobile and internet at IBM, spoke to Gigaom about the system called Adept, which will incorporate three separate technologies to fix issues both technical and economic for the Internet of Things. An outcome of research at IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBV), the Adept platform will be released as open-source software Github, reported Gigaom.

The three technologies are Blockchain, – a transaction engine shared by all nodes in a system based on the Bitcoin protocol – Telehash, – a private messaging protocol to share the “contracts and capabilities” understood through block chain, and Bittorrent – to support online file-sharing protocols.

In brief, what we have is sharing of data between devices which is then put together on the block chain software instructions. Unfortunately, the requisite hardware for supporting such a system is high-end for layman use.

More information is available at this podcast.

Image credit: Flickr

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