Global Media and Marketing Services Company Mindshare and Singapore based Big Data Analytics firm Crayon Data have engaged in an exclusive partnership to fuel up Mindshare’s planning, insights, and consultancy offering.

Chairman of Mindshare’s Products, Partnerships & Services council and chief client officer APAC, Sudipto Roy noted, “One of today’s key business challenges is the complexity surrounding the collection of data making traditional database processing and management tools ineffective in helping clients make optimal decisions about their customers’ needs. It’s a fundamental requirement of business success. Without the ability to support customer needs, organisations fail.”

Through this association both parties will look to channel its combined energies towards establishing authority in Adaptive Marketing and bring about flexible solutions to marketers in dealing with a wide spectrum of consumer profiles, and target and track information on various media channels.

Focusing resources on value and impact instead of conventional marketing campaigns, Adaptive Marketing may well be the next step in marketing and advertising as is clearly the belief that powered this partnership.

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