Eran Barak, CEO of security startup Hexadite believes that security technology has become very sophisticated with the vast majority of applications and services concentrating on detection. Once a problem within the system is identified, it requires a solution — and there are significantly fewer solutions around to do that, and none of them automated.

Cyber security startup Hexadite, which provides an Automated Cyber Incident Response Solution, was launched by three former Israeli intelligence officials, and came out of stealth mode in July to announce $2.5m in seed funding round.

“Hexadite creates a paradigm shift in the cybersecurity incident response market by automating and vastly accelerating previously manual processes,” points out Yoav Leitersdorf, managing partner for YL Ventures.

“No one can possibly go through the log files that record intrusion attempts and figure out what they mean in the context of an attack,” Barak said. “Security today is very much a big data play not only because of the volume of data that must be checked, but because of the sophistication of attacks.”

Malware can incubate for months before it is activated, and the chances of tracking it down under those circumstances — where a file is surreptitiously installed onto a system but doesn’t do anything — are extremely low, because administrators don’t even know what they are looking at, Barak said.

Essentially, Hexadite is the ‘outsourcing’ of IT security — to machines. Question regarding the willingness of corporations and enterprises to hand over control of their sensitive tech infrastructure remain unanswered.

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(Featured image credit: Hexadite)

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