Guesswork, a machine learning service built on the Google Predict API, announced last week the launch of a machine learning platform to help bring customer relationship management (CRM) companies closer to developing intelligent products.

Guesswork CEO and co-founder Mani Doraisamy says, “The next big CRM will be the one that combines user intelligence with SaaS. This intelligence will enable salespeople to improve sales instead of overwhelming them with chores.”

“Only large companies like Google and Amazon have the resources to pull (machine learning) off. Companies like Guesswork will make machine learning domain specific (just like CMS branched off from app servers and focused on building blogs/websites). This will enable not-so-big CRM companies to adopt big data without pumping money into R&D,” he said.

With the specificity that Guesswork wants to offer, it works on the idea of extracting what is relevant from what would essentially become residual. Doraisami points out that they drew inferences from machine learning platforms like Azure ML, that provide a platform for any business to build a machine learning application, but they thought that was too broad. Their sole intention was to provide customers a particular area on which to focus- namely, customer information.

When there are companies vying to understand their customers better and provide exclusive customer experiences, Guesswork wishes to supply a service with a tightly integrated rules engine and the ability to deliver a more customized experience. So, for instance, instead of sending the same newsletter to every customer or treating every customer the same, based on what you know about them, you can deliver a more individualized experience.

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