Facebook has acquired cyber-security firm, PrivateCore, as a move towards reinforcing its bastions in order to ward off online data threats. It plans to implement PrivateCore technology into its server stack to fortify encryption and malware prevention.

“I’ve seen how much people care about the security of data they entrust to services like Facebook,” Joe Sullivan, Facebook’s chief security officer, said in a statement on Thursday. “PrivateCore’s technology and expertise will help support Facebook’s mission to help make the world more open and connected, in a secure and trusted way.”

PrivateCore enables enterprises to deploy servers in outsourced environments while maintaining data security. As a part of Facebook, it will essentially make sure that the information (photos and messages) that are available on the social media accounts of users, stays secure from theft. PrivateCore is a venture-backed firm founded in 2012 and located in Palo Alto.

“Working together with Facebook, there is a huge opportunity to pursue our joint vision at scale with incredible impact,” Oded Horovitz, CEO of PrivateCore, said on his company’s website. For everyday users of the social network it might mean better protection against prying eyes and safer content sharing.

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