A Big Data and Advanced Analytics Survey has revealed the growing the need for real-time complex event processing (CEP) other than Hadoop amongst developers. The survey, carried out by market research firm Evans Data Corp, found that 71% of the software developers surveyed said they require advanced processing more than half the time.

“Hadoop’s batch-processing model has worked well for several years,” noted Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. “But the demands and challenges of Big Data in our current world mean real-time event processing is becoming more necessary, which is why Apache Storm and other commercial CEP products are being welcomed into the Big Data landscape.”

Industry experts point out that CEP can efficiently tap data grids to assess trends and patterns thus providing insight, in split seconds. Further, CEP techniques can be used in data-crunching extensive applications such as predictive analytics used in weather forecasting and high speed trading..

The Survey also identified the need for storage, to accommodate the growing data volumes; almost 90% of developers voiced that data stores in their respective companies will see 50%-75% growth over the next year.

The expansion of Big Data means businesses expecting more out of their data. Conventional Database structures fall short in handling the ever-evolving needs. CEP and database divvying methods (sharding) are the imminent next step in Big Data handling and processing.

The entire Big Data and Advanced Analytics Survey report can be found here.

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(Image credit: Wayne Mah)

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