Hilary Mason is something of a pioneer among data scientists and Big Data enthusiasts. And when she talks about Big Data one would do good to listen.

Mason spoke to Wall Street Journal earlier this week, making her doubts clear regarding Big Data. “What predictive algorithms are actually really good for is still an open question,” she said. “It was sold for a long time as they are going to know everything about you and everything you are going to do, but of course they don’t. They’re actually fairly terrible.”

Fast Forward Labs is her all-in-one tech consultancy startup launched earlier this year in July, with a very unique agenda; it publishes ‘quarterly R&D reports, prototypes, innovation events and dialogues on the topics of innovation and near future technologies’. Mason and her colleagues at Fast Forward Labs provide digital strategies in their newsletter which interacts with customers directly to carry out plans. They are looking at target enterprises in media, consumer goods, and defense contracting.

Hilary Mason is presently data scientist-in-residence at the venture capital firm Accel Partners.

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(Image Credit: Eva Blue)

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