Sumo Logic, an operational & machine data intelligence provider, yesterday announced that they had by named a “Big Data Competency Partner” by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon’s Competency Programme is part of their larger partnership network, and was created to identify successful, technically proficient companies in the big data field.

“Organizations are increasingly aware of the value of leveraging machine data intelligence from their IT infrastructure. Hosting Sumo Logic on the AWS Cloud enables us to deliver an elastic service that helps IT and security teams uncover critical business insights,” said Vance Loiselle, CEO at Sumo Logic. “We value being included as a Big Data Competency Partner and extending our services to the greater network of AWS customers.”

The unique machine learning algorithms behind Sumo Logic provide IT & security teams with real-time customer insights and robust security from petabytes of unstructured data. Sumo Logic also uses machine learning in its “LogReduce” feature to sort log file data into patterns, meaning anomalies and errors and can be identified before they become major issues. If a major error does occur, Sumo Logic can pinpoint it almost immediately, and save the IT department of a company wading through tens of thousands of log files to find the error.

A free 30-day trial of Sumo Logic’s premium software on Amazon Web Services is now available; try it for yourself here.

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