Press Release- Actian Corporation (“Actian”) extends its leadership in big data analytics by announcing today that industry heavyweights including Hortonworks, MicroStrategy, Penguin Computing, Slalom Consulting and Tableau are joining Actian to provide enterprise-grade analytics natively in Hadoop using SQL. Actian Analytics Platform™ – Hadoop SQL Edition, introduced last month at the Hadoop Summit, is the first platform to make Hadoop data accessible and actionable for maximum business impact. Actian’s partners offer the following:

  • Hortonworks: YARN-based Hadoop distribution coupled with Actian’s full-scale SQL in Hadoop functionality creates an analytics platform that delivers powerful performance and enterprise readiness.
  • MicroStrategy: Seamless cloud to on-premise environment enhanced with the Hadoop SQL Edition enables Hadoop users to have an easier path to high-performing hybrid analytics.
  • Penguin Computing: Building high-performance SQL-in-Hadoop rack appliances and providing on-demand hosting of Actian Analytics Platform in the Penguin cloud.
  • Slalom Consulting: North American systems integrator delivering the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition to market.
  • Tableau: Integrating the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition into its live data visualization technology to enhance the speed and accuracy of visual analytics on large data sets residing in Hadoop.

With joint marketing, reference architectures and delivery, the alliances strengthen Actian’s unique end-to-end analytics processing and leading SQL in Hadoop capabilities to deliver security, reliability, accessibility and performance. Together, the companies broaden access to Hadoop data and help organizations overcome the data scientist shortage by extending the availability of turbocharged analytics and SQL in Hadoop to millions of SQL users.

“Successful Hadoop implementations typically require big budgets and experts with specialized, scarce skills to wrestle the wide variety of Hadoop tools and MapReduce to create a stable application,” said John Santaferraro, vice president of solutions and product marketing for Actian. “Industry leaders have teamed with Actian to bring to market rapid, affordable business transformation through big data analytics available to any organization. Our allies share our unique commitment to aggressive technology innovation, delivering powerful enterprise capabilities in Hadoop.”

What Our Partners Are Saying:

“The Hadoop SQL edition of Actian Analytics Platform is the first end-to-end analytics platform built to run natively in Hadoop,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing for Hortonworks. “By combining the Hortonworks Data Platform, the industry’s only 100-percent open source Hadoop distribution, with Actian’s YARN Ready Analytics Platform, our joint customers have access to comprehensive enterprise capabilities for data management, data access, data governance, integration, security and operations – the foundation for organizations looking to build a high-impact modern data architecture with Hadoop.”

“Actian’s approach to SQL-in-Hadoop gives MicroStrategy users worldwide a more efficient method of accessing HDFS-based data in real time,” said Michael Hiskey, vice president of product marketing for MicroStrategy. “Enterprise analytics clients need to interact with big data without having to rethink their business processes. The Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition enables them to do just that without having to change their workflow.”

Penguin Computing:
“As experts in high-performance and enterprise computing solutions, Penguin Computing neatly complements the Actian Analytics Platform software-only approach to industrializing Hadoop,” said David Ingersoll, vice president of worldwide sales for Penguin Computing. “Together we bring the power of highly scalable, high-performance analytics in Hadoop clusters to transform business outcomes.”

Slalom Consulting:
“Slalom Consulting has a vibrant practice in the planning and implementation of Big Data analytics solutions for major enterprises and emerging companies. With the growing need for valuable insights from data, our clients are constantly looking to Slalom to create analytical solutions that are fast, easy to use, and can scale,” said James Young, practice director, information management and analytics for Slalom Consulting. “We have found that Actian’s Hadoop edition can deliver immediate business value from big data, all in a single platform in Hadoop.”

“Direct access to all of your data sources, including HDFS data, is critical to realizing the promise of rapid-fire analytics,” said Dan Jewett, vice president of product management for Tableau Software. “The Actian Analytics Platform’s new capabilities extend access to millions of SQL users, combining elegantly with Tableau’s ability to help anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information.”

(Image source: Actian)

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