RapidMiner, a big data analytic company, announced today that it has purchased Radoop, a leading big data analytics solution for Hadoop. Although the purchase price was not disclosed, it is believed that Radoop will take charge of RapidMiner’s big data division, with Zoltán Prekopcsák, Radoop’s co-founder, becoming vice president of big data.

RapidMiner works across a range of verticals – from entertainment and eCommerce, through to government and academia – providing them with tools to understand their data and make better business and customer predications. As TechCrunch describe,

“If it’s analyzing data from a CRM tool…it might learn from the data that the customer can expect a 30 percent churn rate in the next year, but it doesn’t stop there…it will then start analyzing each customer and predicting the likelihood it will churn to provide predictive actions at a detailed level. After RapidMiner completes the analysis, customers can send the results to a business intelligence package, or deliver results as part of the workflow design.”

With the acquisition of Radoop, RapidMiner will now offer customers the option of processing data on a Hadoop cluster, rather than processing the data in-memory or directly in a database. Ultimately, the move will allow customers to process much larger datasets without RapidMiner commissioning an external partner to deploy Hadoop. Moreover, as part of the acquisition, key partnerships will be added from Radoop – involving Cloudera and Hortonworks, as well as twenty new client companies including Schneider Electric, Prezi, Ustream and Fractal Analytics.

RapidMiner CEO, Ingo Miers, commented on the news in a statement earlier today,

“With 38,000 production deployments and 250,000 active users, RapidMiner’s advanced analytics platform has seen phenomenal adoption across an ever-growing number of organizations. With the addition of Radoop, business and IT organizations can now fully leverage the world’s most comprehensive predictive analytics suite in a platform that costs far less than proprietary technologies, delivers greater functionality, and is easier to deploy and manage.”

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(Image Credit: Brandon Morse)

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