IBM announced yesterday that it would be introducing three new cloud-based apps – IBM Concert, Project Catalyst and OpenPages — to help decision makers with big data analytics. The announcement was made yesterday at the Vision 2014 conference for finance and risk management in Orlando, Florida.

The new cloud-based apps are designed to give staff members access to data analytics wherever they may be and on whatever device they choose to use. Moreover, to help employees understand their data, the apps include dashboards to help staff interact with their data. Below is a short summary of each app.

1)    IBM Concert

This app is designed to target decision makers in sales and marketing and will give these individuals easy access to budgeting, forecasting, planning software and data. IBM Concert was born out of Vericent, a company that was acquired by IBM in 2012 for its “sales and compensation management” capabilities.


2)    IBM Project Catalyst

IBM Project Catalyst helps decision makers understand and see trends that are emerging by using data visualisations.

“You just upload your data and Catalyst comes up with suggested visualizations as well as descriptions, in English, of what stands out in the data,” said Erick Brethenoux, IBM Director of Business Analytics & Decision Management Strategy.

3)    IBM OpenPages

OpenPages will help with governance and risk management tasks and is available on its SoftLayer cloud infrastructure as a managed service.

“OpenPages allows businesses to develop a comprehensive compliance and risk management strategy across a variety of domains including operational risk, financial controls management, IT risk, compliance and internal audits,” the company said.

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